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This is the changelog updated for betatesters of RevOS AOSP
Este es el changelog actualizado para los testers de RevOS AOSP

I'm working every day in the rom for public as soon as possible
Estoy trabajando cada dia en la rom para hacerla publica lo antes posible

Changelog: RevOS AOSP v1.0 20190622
- Updated script for install with improvements on the text
- expat: update to version 2.2.7
- Updated prebuilt Gboard and Chrome
- Added New RevOS Launcher for fix QuickStep
- libril: Fix mistake
- sepolicy: Add missing entry for font service
- sepolicy: Add Google App build props
- Fixed logo of wallpapers
- r8: Update D8 and R8 to 1.6.7-dev
- Reworked themes and fixed QuickStep
- DeskClock: Use POWER_OFF_ALARM permission
- Added RevOS Wallpapers
- Track our own Themes repository
- Another text for Working Tap & Pay NFC on Polaris and Dipper, now appear the "Tap & Pay on Settings"
- Synced with last Google AOSP and Lineage OS Changes
- Updated Recommended Gapps on Beta SERVER
- Updated and reworked kernel with this changes:
-Switch LMKD with MEMCG for userspace lowmemorykiller
-Updates to Linux 4.9.183

Remember the AOSP rom kernel are from me, BadWolf
Estar atentos, pues en esta semana daré los detalles finales de la RevOS AOSP. Y su fecha oficial de salida
Stay tuned, because in this week I will give the final details of the RevOS AOSP. And your official departure date
Hola a todos, la web ya esta completamente operativa a falta de agregar contenido en "Capturas" y acabar la seccion de "Descargas", podeis ver la web del proyecto en: https://os.revtechs.me/revos-aosp/
Podeis ver la introduccion al proyecto, las caracteristicas e incluso los grupos de contacto, asi mismo como los agradecimientos a colaboradores, etc
Hello everyone, the web is already fully operational in the absence of adding content in "Capturas" and finish the "Downloads" section, you can see the project website at: https://os.revtechs.me/revos-aosp/
You can see the introduction to the project, the characteristics and even the contact groups, as well as the thanks to collaborators, etc.
testing the final build.
en testeo la versión final.

launch date: 20/07/19
fecha de lanzamiento: 20/07/19
Hello if any want see the final changelog are there:
Hola si alguien quiere ver el changelog final está aquí :
RevolutionOS Recovery 9.7.15

- Mi 6
- Mi 8
- Mi 9
- Mi Mix 2S
- Mi Mix 3
- Pocophone F1
- Redmi Note 5/Pro

Changelog, descarga/download: https://rec.revtechs.me
Probably delay because problems on Redmi Note 7 build

Next scheduled date: 27 july of 2019

Posible retraso a causa de problemas en la build del Redmi Note 7

Siguiente lanzamiento programado: 27 de julio de 2019
Forwarded from Nelo Updates
Forwarded from Nelo Updates
MagneticOS for beryllium based on Pixel CAF by @nelo360

- Initial build
- Merged lastest CAf tag (LA.UM.7.3.r1-07900-sdm845.0)
- Merged lastest security patch (android-9.0.0_r44)
- LTE tile
- Sound tile
- Reboot tile
- Suspend Actions
- Suspend Actions tile
- Option to customize navigation bar
- Option to customize statusbar clock
- Thermal profiles (global / per app) for sdm845 devices
- Configurable extended audio panel
- Allow to set quicksettings columns and rows
- Can change location mode in location tile
- Option to reset battery stats
- 3 mode notch options
- Option to change signal icon (GSM) to oreo style
- Oos like statusbar data activity indicators
- Option to show/hide statusbar activity indicators
- Added QS tiles styles
- Added QS header styles
- Omni themes
- Option to configure brightness slider in the quick settings
- Improved auto brighness
- Configurable battery percent styles
- Option to show extra info in lockscreen when charging
- Custom menu with all of customization settings
- Live volume steps
- Magnetic Launcher (based on CPL)
- Network Traffic
- Option to hide system statusbar icons
- Torch with locked device
- Option to hide quicksettings on secure lockscreen
- Option to disable power menu on secure lockscreen
- Smart pulldown
- NeloKernel r_1.9 (beryllium)
- more comming...

download -> http://bit.ly/2GqhUbf
mirror -> http://bit.ly/2GlSg7G

download -> http://bit.ly/30NzopD
mirror -> http://bit.ly/2JL7iG7

RevOS AOSP v9.6.20

- Mi Mix 2S
- Mi 8
- Redmi Note 7
- Redmi Note 5/Pro
- Pocophone F1

Website, changelog's, download, screens, etc...
Pagina web, lista de cambios, descargas, capturas, etc...: https://os.revtechs.me/aosp
Read carefully the website all are explained
Leer atentamente la web, esta todo explicado

PayPal: https://paypal.me/badwolfalfa

Changelog RevOS AOSP v.9.8.11 20190806 (PUBLICA)

– Agregado SoundRecorder para intentar corregir el problema de grabacion de llamadas en SDM845
– Corregidos fallos de SafetyNet
– Actualizado con los repositorios de LOS, AOSP y HAVOC
– Eliminado Google Chrome ahora el usuario podra decidir que Navegador Web desea dese Google Play
– Correciones de estabilidad

Changelog RevOS AOSP v.9.7.30 20190731 (PRIVADA)
– Solucionado un problema que impedia grabar llamadas en SDM845
– Traducidas partes de los menus al español que faltaban por traducir
– Adaptado el sensor de huellas en pantalla para dar soporte a Mi 9
– Corregidos errores de estabilidad y rendimiento
– Actualizado el kernel de los SDM845

Changelog RevOS AOSP v.9.7.30 20190726 (PRIVADA)
– Updated Device tree for SDM845-COMMON and POLARIS (for fix NFC and D2TW)
– Updated Device tree for DIPPER for fix NFC
– Updated Device tree for BERYLLIUM
2f7e0dbbd make: Use build prop overrides when generating vendor build.prop too
2964fca51 envsetup: enable shwordsplit for zsh
7f760e8edbf Fix to register the receiver for all users
66de4404ce0 Audio assets: add NFC sounds
d3946c48b05 Import translations for Typographic Clock
13d0e93e544 TypographicClock: Tint top row with wallpaper primary color
d1e85bd7e64 Revert «Q Style Clock: Animate change in time»
c149a3cbb7e SettingsLib: Hide QS tile overlays from app list
607e945a060 pocket: Reduce sleep timeout for pocket lock
913e1556331 SystemUI: Ensure battery estimates update on callback
b6a0e337ab5 base: Materialize gesture anywhere layout
c856ad4af6c base : Fix GA crash and saving the gesture cache
9253b2bb657 base: Increase gesture anywhere width to 40px [1/2]
b3adf555c98 base: Gesture Anywhere [1/3]
e32207fb743 MediaCodecInfo: Add support for level 6.2
3601ba71c1e GamingMode: Fix unnecessary unloading of gaming mode
f771c268f66 MusicTile: Clean up redundant code
26e3ad089f5 base: Add Gaming Mode icons from OOS
11fcdc4a34b Aggressive Battery: Improve value substitution
69d7c57e5c1 Guard in short-circuit evaluations for stringSplit methods
17c7bf8fdaf GamingMode: allow disable navigation gestures [1/2]
c7a4f8218bf GamingModeTile: Long press to open settings [1/2]
4a8ac00d24f base: Add Gaming mode tile
77d769d4a18 GamingMode: Exempt calls and alarms when headsup disabled
31c077a19e0 core: Import more animations from Android Q
aaa25d50b96 SystemUI: Disable wellbeing grayscale tile if reading mode available
650bcf6d3e8 LiveDisplay: Refactor for HWC devices and cleanup
b2694091d57 Revert «SystemUI: Add LiveDisplay tile»
556cab0f8cf PocketLock: Remove animations
eb24ffb3706 Revert «MusicTile: Clean up redundant code»
59a1fcb1358 Revert «for del»
04f8d94b766 for del
76d7656a5be MusicTile: Clean up redundant code
c84e3338d display-hals: Always expose gralloc headers
331403a8c display-hals: Allow building libdisplayconfig
2c3797027 display-hals: Expose c2d2.h even if TARGET_DISABLE_DISPLAY is set
d08ed7f Settings: Increase gesture anywhere width to 40px [1/2]
93e367b fix
f0d20fe Revert «fix»
7163071 fix
2125ae3 Use SeekBar for OP gestures feedback duration
5f415b3 GamingMode: Allow disable navigation gestures [2/2]
aa1cefd GamingMode: Move game add summary at bottom
378977b fix
53b2ae1 GameMode: remove hwkeys toggle on non-hwkeys devices
54b5f9f626 Settings: rearrange Sounds page a little
d911d776df Settings: Gesture Anywhere [3/3]
45dfdfdc99 Open app when clicking on icon in App Info
571be9f604 BatteryUtils: Show anomalies of pre-O apps
71196f6765 GamingMode: Long press tile to open settings [2/2]
7c4f3be351 LiveDisplay: Refactor
c86cfd3993 LiveDisplay: Rebrand to keep consistency
d2f84366a9 LiveDisplaySettings: Fix outdoor mode preference on hwc2
13f688c3 vendor: Dynamically add custom APNs extract_utils: introduce support for executing blob fixups extract_utils: Support multidex kernel: Consider depmod version when handling kernel modules qcom: Add UM 4.14 platforms build: Increase changelog_days to 14
c1ea282 gptfdisk: include gptcl.h after sgdisk.h
bb1fcc3 sqlite: upgrade to SQLite 3.29.0
f4ebc1b89 media: Add support for up to level 6.2 for AVC
0a7a6931e media: Add support for level 6-6.2 for AVC
53cd997b8 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘aosp/pie-gsi’ into pie
f49e377 sepolicy: Cleanup duplicates
e9022eb90c oatdump: Only compile CompactDex conversion for host
c401572d0c oatdump: Convert CompactDex to StandardDex before exporting
RevOS AOSP v9.8.11

Available on OTA Updater
Disponible en Actualizador OTA

- Mi Mix 2S
- Mi 8
- Redmi Note 5/Pro
- Pocophone F1
*Redmi Note 7 delayed not booting
*Redmi Note 7 retrasado no inicia

Website, changelog's, download, screens, etc...
Pagina web, lista de cambios, descargas, capturas, etc...: https://os.revtechs.me/revos-aosp/
Read carefully the website all are explained
Leer atentamente la web, esta todo explicado

PayPal: https://paypal.me/badwolfalfa
Buenas tardes casi noches.
En los siguientes días el proyecto AOSP será cerrado, y desaparecerá de la página web (pasará a estar en abandonzone)
¿Por qué?
Por que desde agosto no se ha vuelto a tocar este proyecto salió Android Q (10), y hay que adaptar todo lo actual a Android 10 cosa que no me encuentro con ganas a día de hoy. Estoy con el proyecto de MIUI y no tengo ganas de meterme en el lío de tener que reescribir todo de nuevo.
Esto no implica que cualquier día me de por querer retomar el proyecto y resucitarlo, así que los grupos así como este canal permanecerán abiertos. No se ha dado soporte a nuevos dispositivos ni se ha vuelto a compilar nuevas versiones desde agosto, solo se realizaron pruebas con Mi 6 que resultaron exitosas pero nada más.

Lo siento por todos los que seguían el proyecto de AOSP.

Un saludo y nos vemos (si queréis) en la ROM MIUI.
Good afternoon almost nights.
In the following days the AOSP project will be closed, and will disappear from the website (it will be abandoned)
Because since August this project has not been touched again, Android Q (10) came out, and we have to adapt everything that is current to Android 10, which I do not feel like today. I'm with the MIUI project and I don't feel like getting into the mess of having to rewrite everything again.
This does not imply that any day I want to resume the project and resurrect it, so the groups as well as this channel will remain open. New devices have not been supported or new versions have been recompiled since August, only tests with Mi 6 that were successful but nothing more.

I am sorry for everyone who followed the AOSP project.

Greetings and see you (if you want) in the ROM MIUI.